Autodidact (1967)

My mother was an artist. She painted, drew and sculpted the most beautiful things.
When we were children and we uttered words like ‘mummm, I am bored...‘ she always put us to work with paper and paint.

I wanted to mimic her. I wanted to do what she could... but I was hard on myself. My skills didn’t reach. In frustration I decided to give the paintbrush a throw. It ended in a dark corner...

About 12 years ago I picked it up again. My frustration came back... I wanted to tell... It didn’t really matter how. Paint, write, draw....

My work is heartfelt. The feeling is always the center of it all. Feelings color your world... They color the world you experience. No political statements, no environmental issues for me. It is just a feeling, an emotion I want to bring to the attention.